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Adhesive Application

Good mixing process and even distribution of adhesive on varying surface contours they are made possible by using meter mix dispense technologies of Mahr Unipre. Among other things, adhesives such as two- or multi-component polyurethane/epoxy adhesives with or without particle fillers are used, which can be applied in hand operational mode or automatically, also in combination with robotic arms. The field of applications of adhesive processing are for instance in continuous bonding of paper or foil packaging (converting processes) or in punctual or net-shape adhesive bonding. Structural adhesive bonding can be found mainly in automotive wind energy and aerospace sectors, from interior to technical components.

Meter mix dispense systems are developed with the focus on the correctness of the mixing ratio, bubble-free mixing and precise dispense quantity during the entire adhesive application process, to ensure consistent adhesive quality on the bonding surfaces. 

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