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The mixture makes the difference

For best mixing quality and exact discharge capacity

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MarMax Mixing Heads

Mahr Unipre supplies standard and special purpose mixing head models – also available with spray conversion kit. Mahr Unipre's experience in the field of mixing technology has resulted in the availability of many different types of mixers:

Mahr Unipre | Mixing Heads

The difficulty of choice

Mahr Unipre will review your process on the basis of the following parameters in order to select the best suited mixing head. This approach ensures that the mixing head and process match perfectly to achieve top mixing quality and exact output rates:

  • Material characteristics
  • Pot life
  • Output
  • Application
  • Mixing ratio
  • Processing temperature
Mahr | Note

The machine program cannot be listed completely due to the large number of designs, the same applies to the areas of application. We are pleased to advise you!

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Mixing Heads


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