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Mahr Gear Metering Pumps convince by highest precision, high resistance to pressure and temperature as well as excellent wear and corrosion resistance. Since the first pump development in 1948, continuous imporvements of metering pumps take place. Today the application possibilities of former spinning pumps cannot be limited to a few words.

Mahr Metering Systems Gear Metering Pumps are high-precision positive displacement pumps for the exact metering of liquid media.

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Gear metering pumps are a type of positive displacement pump designed to deliver a precise volume of fluid with each rotation. They are particularly effective in metering applications where accurate dosing and consistent flow are critical. These pumps use interlocking gears to push fluid out under pressure, making them ideal for handling a wide range of viscosities and ensuring a steady, pulse-free flow.

Gear metering pumps operate by the meshing of gears that rotate within a closely fitted casing. As the gears rotate, fluid is trapped in the spaces between the teeth and the casing, then transported from the inlet side to the outlet side of the pump. The design ensures a constant flow rate that is directly proportional to the rotation speed of the gears, allowing for precise control over the fluid dispensation.

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