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Pressure Increase

Gear metering pumps enable the exact dosing of polymer melts. This is particularly important in the manufacture of high-quality products. They can also take over the function of pressure increase, for example in the following processes:

  • Extrusion Processes
  • Continuous spinning processes
  • Chip spinning processes

The advantage of using a gear metering pump to increase pressure can be explained using an example: in the extrusion process, the pump installed between the extruder and the extrusion tool takes over the process task of "pressure build-up", i.e. it builds up the melt pressure required to overcome the tool. The volumetric mode of operation of the pump guarantees constant melt volumes per time unit at constant pump speed. The extruder only takes over the plasticizing, homogenization and, if necessary, degassing of the melt. In comparison with a single-screw extruder, the pressure build-up in the gear metering pump takes place both with a higher energy efficiency and on a shorter process length, which means a considerably shorter residence time. This leads to an immediately increased product quality due to the reduced thermal load on the melt. Ultimately, the use of a pressure booster pump means particularly gentle and very efficient pumping of the polymer melt.

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