MarMax | CP 50

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Compact and efficient. Portable machine with an output of up to 10 l/min for flexible applications.

Mahr Unipre | Meter Mix Dispense Machines

MarMax CP 50 for output rates up to 10 litres/min

1K - 4K – Meter mix dispense machine with an output of up to 10 l/min. To augment flexibility, the machine can be equipped with a rotatable mixing head.


Compact and efficient

  • Flexible application
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Customisable
  • Automatic refill control and refill device

The Mahr Unipre control software MEC 500 monitors the flow rate, the pressures and temperatures and controls the emission of the components. Warnings are given in simple language for unambiguous understanding, enabling the operator to act quickly. Individual user assignment protects specific parameters against unauthorised changes.

Emission range0.1 - 10 litres/min
Mixing ratioInfinitely variable
Material tank sizes3 - 100 litres
Conveying elementGear metering pump with stuffing box
Remote servicingRemote service capability integrated
Tank fillingManual
Control systemMEC 500
Operation via colour touch screen panelScreen size 15"
HeatingPartly heated up to 85°C
Mixing HeadSuited to product and process
  • Gear flow meter / screw flow meter / coriolis flow meter / flow meter virtual
  • Partially or completely heated up to 85°C
  • Gap filter
  • Gear metering pump with magnetic coupling
  • Other conveying elements on request
  • Pressure monitoring on suction side
  • Flushing medium container 10 l, 19.5 l or 30 l
  • Pot life monitoring
  • Shot size counter
  • Automatic refill control and equipment
  • Heating for metering pump
  • Heating for volumetric flow meter
  • Recirculation - short or long (via mixing head)
  • Screen size 21.5"
The basic version includes:
  • 3 l to 100 l container
  • Minimum level monitoring
  • Single-wall tank

The following container variants are available as an option:
  • Degassing
  • Agitator
  • Double-jacketed tank (with tempering unit, optionally with additional cooling function)

Meter Mix Dispense Technology




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Mahr Unipre | Mixing Heads

Mixing Heads – the mixture makes the difference

A perfectly customized mixing head guarantees the best mixing quality and exact discharge capacity. In order to select the suitable mixing head, we analyse the production process considering the operating parameters, such as material characteristics, the emission and the mixing ratio.


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