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Mahr Unipre | Technology for the future

Mixing and dosing machines can only be as good as the surrounding peripheral equipment. It is not least the functional and perfectly matched peripheral equipment that safeguards production process stability.

  • Temperature-controlled storage cabinets
  • Preheating units
  • Agitators
  • Refill from silos, IBC's, drums and hobbocks
  • Degassing stations
  • Wide slot nozzles
  • Spraying equipment
  • Linear units
  • Colour injection module
  • Robot
  • Casting tables
  • Installation on truck for mobile use

01. Tempering

For some materials it is mandatory to maintain a constant temperature in the raw material storage. In order to ensure consistent product quality, only precisely tempered drums may be used in the production process for these temperature-sensitive substances. Mahr Unipre offers various options for material temperature control, such as temperature-controlled storage facilities for external storage spaces. We will find the optimal solution for you that suits the purpose of processing and the processing quantity.

02. Material Supply – you can't do without!

Solutions for material preparation, post-processing and filling the meter mix dispense machines

Drum Hoop Mixer

For tumbling barrels to mix deposited sediments homogeneously with the liquid.

Drum Storage and Tilting Device

Horizontal storage of the drum for easy filling of the pump including tilting device for almost complete discharging.

Drum Pump

Affordable device for transferring the material from the drum.

MarDrum 200h

Material discharge or dosing station with follower plate, applicable for high viscosity media.

Agitating and Pumping Station

Agitating and extraction station for dispersions, e.g. to achieve a homogeneous heat distribution in the material in temperature-controlled drums.

MarDrum 200

Material removal station with lifting device and connection to the dosing machine for automatic filling.

03. Dosing of Colour Additives

The color or additive is added directly at the mixing head, thus enabling the component to be changed quickly without time-consuming machine cleaning. The colour or additive components are available as separate modules for flexible connection to several compatible mixing and metering systems or integrated into the overall machine. A machine retrofit with colour or additive components is also possible in most cases. The paint, additive or additive batch tanks are available unheated, with a heating jacket or integrated in convection-heated ovens.


Meter Mix Dispense Technology




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