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Spraying technique allows relatively quick and even distribution of reactive polymers systems such as epoxy resins and polyurethanes over large areas or complex contours and shapes. The applications range from thin coatings, such as the application of paint layers, adhesive and bonding agents/primers for metal-polyurethane bonding, also for coating of textile and in the production of artificial leather, up to thick layers application, as in polyurethane sprayed insulation in the construction sector. Spraying for combined applications between thin coating and subsequent thick foam in layer IMC process or addition of cut fibres in fibre spraying process are also possible.

The key factors in the spraying process are the correct and precise supply and coordination between spray air and resin quantities. Mix meter dispense systems from Mahr Unipre with their high meter mix dispense precision are predestined for spraying applications. Mixing heads and auxiliary accessories specially developed for spraying processes round up the product portfolio of Mahr Unipre for this demanding application.

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