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Reliably working products are essential for your success – we are known for competent service and a smooth production.

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Your Requirement – Our service


From old to new – replacement of whole units for highest efficiency and profitability

Spare Parts Service

Replacement of defective single components and entire assemblies by the manufacturer


Smooth performance right from the start – supported by our experienced technicians


Visual and functional testing of all machine components

Machine Extension

Special requirements? We offer the right add-on

Material Tests

Examination of all requirements for technical feasibility

Conversion & Updates

We help to keep you up to date with the latest technology.


Smooth production processes thanks to regular maintenance of the machines

Mahr Metering Systems | Service

Mahr High-Precision Gear Metering Pumps

High-precision pumps are used for a variety of reasons: for example, because the application process cannot tolerate fluctuations in output or the end product must meet the highest demands. Gear pumps are naturally subject to wear - the decisive factors are the operating conditions. To ensure that pumps can maintain the required performance over many years, they should be checked.

We offer you a full range of services in our repair workshop from cleaning to repair. Our service technicians will also be pleased to repair the pumps in your factory.

+49 551 7073-100

Service | Check, Repair & Test

Services in our Factory


Inspection and repair at cost or quotation-based


Disassembly and cleaning of the pumps


Inspection of product contractiong parts for dimensional accuracy and replacement if necessary


Replacement of all seals and screws


Assembly of the pumps


Checking the repaired pumps on the test bench

Service | Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance Contracts for your Mahr Product

Regular service intervals help to save costs and plan capacities reliably. With a service contract you can flexibly plan maintenance intervals and reduce or ideally avoid the number of unplanned production stops.

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Mahr Unipre | Service

Meter Mix Dispense Machines for a Precise Mixing Ratio

By purchasing a Mahr Unipre machine you have decided on a high-quality product which supports your production process for the best production results. For preventive maintenance of your metering system we offer partial maintenance of single assemblies as well as complete maintenance and calibration of assemblies with the control system used. The aim is to ensure the best possible operational availability and to extend the service life of the machine by spare part supply, maintenance concepts and on-site service.

We offer you a full range of services from cleaning to repair in your factory or in our repair workshop.

+49 2922 87840-0

Service | Terms of Entry

Important Information for sending Products in

Please send in your products only with the completed declaration of decontamination and, if applicable, the safety data sheet. Please attach them visibly to the outside of the package or send these documents in advance. We may only accept and open your consignment on presentation of these documents. If these documents are missing, we are forced to return the shipment to you.

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Mahr Metering Systems | Academy

Turn our knowledge into yours!

Our user training conveys not only necessary knowledge for optimum machine operation or pump maintenance, but also improves your understanding of the entire system technology. Even the best machines cannot achieve much if they are not used perfectly. The knowledge we pass on to you enabels you to optimizeyour products and more efficiently.

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